City Year brings together a diverse group of young people for a year of voluntary service, civic engagement and leadership development. Together these young people work in teams as tutors, mentors and role models to children in various primary schools and other service sites across Gauteng.

In all its work, City Year endeavors to develop leaders for South Africa. A generation of young people who know their value in society and have the skills to make a lifelong contribution to building our nation. To this end, there is an emphasis throughout the programme on developing civic knowledge and skills, and equipping young people with the tools to be active, responsible participants in our society.

Our History

City Year South Africa opened its doors to its first corps of young people, for a full-time year of service in 2005.  It was established as a sister organisation to City Year US which was founded in Boston in 1988 by two Harvard Law School roommates, Alan Khazei and Michael Brown, who felt strongly that young people in service could be a powerful resource for addressing pressing social issues in any country.

How To Apply

Meet the requirements and you may be eligible to join City Year South Africa in the near future.

 Give a year. Change the world.

Support Us

A significant amount of financial support for City Year’s mission of community service comes from individuals, corporations, government and foundations.

Our Stories